Welcoming Yes, You Can Dance! New Assistant Director, Joanna Emily Reed

Yes, You Can Dance! is excited to have a new addition to our team. Please welcome Joanna Emily Reed, our new Assistant Director. Working in tandem with Yes, You Can Dance! founder, Becky Stern, Joanna will be taking on many of the administrative tasks that ensure the success of our programs, partnerships, and our Non-Profit at large. If you are a Dance Mentor, volunteer, or parent of a Special Needs Ballroom student, Joanna will be contacting you regularly as we strive to be efficient in our scheduling and ensure that everyone is reminded and in the know about future events.

As a dancer herself, Joanna has taught multiple creative dance classes including a dance class at the YWCA of Salt Lake City to children who were victims of domestic abuse. In her own words, “It was during these classes at the YWCA that I discovered how dance can be beneficial as a form of therapy. I have seen dance’s power to better other people’s lives: dancing is a way to work through personal issues and express oneself, all while having fun. I couldn’t be more excited to start working for Yes, You Can Dance!, making dance more accessible to members of my community.”