Senior “Spring Fling” a Success!


On Saturday, May 10th Yes, You Can Dance! held it’s second Senior Social at Asbury Heights Senior Care Facility: the “Spring Fling”. Senior Residents (mostly residents who are wheelchair or walker users) enjoyed the afternoon by dancing with Yes, You Can Dance! volunteer Dance Assistants. Dance Assistants had gone through training in order to learn multiple techniques on how to be the dance partners of wheelchair users and seniors with limited mobility.

This Senior Social was extra special because the event also served as the premier of the Yes, You Can Dance! interactive performance “Marvin and the Muses”, choreographed by Christopher Roth and Michelle Van Doeren, and performed by Yes, You Can Dance! administrative staff. “Marvin and the Muses” follows the story of a gentlemen who simply put, cannot dance, until he is visited by the Muses of Dance who teach him rhythm and grace so that he can dance with his crush and blow her away with his moves. Unlike other performances, “Marvin and the Muses” encourages the audience to perform as well! Throughout the performance all audience members are dancing in their seats as they learn and repeat multiple arm movements and patterns.  We cannot wait to perform “Marvin and the Muses” at our upcoming Senior Socials!

The whole event was a great success: senior caretakers told us that they saw some of their residents smile for the first time, and the room was full of laughter and tons of dancing to great music (Frank Sinatra, of course and other classics)! Make sure to check back on our website for more photos and eventually, video footage of the “Marvin and the Muses” performance!