Dance Mentor Celebration

What a great night for Yes, You Can Dance! as we recognized our volunteer Dance Mentors at the Amore Dance.  The evening started with 20 Dance Mentors participating in a training session.  At dinner we said a toast in honor of our dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers.  We enjoyed the dinner from The Sewickley Cafe and the cupcakes from FrankieCakes.

Our numbers swelled once the Amore dance began.  We hosted close to 40 guests including some of our students and their families.  There was lots of dancing, camraderie, and laughter. We did take a moment midway through the evening to introduce the crowd to Yes, You Can Dance!.  Becky described our mission of “sharing the joys and benefits of dance.”  It was a great opportunity to publicly acknowledge our Mentors, our students, and our Program Director, Chris Roth.

Thanks to Joe Aiken for sharing the Amore dance with us.