Volunteer Spotlight: Diane

IMG_0171During Volunteer Appreciation Month, all of us at Yes, You Can Dance! would like to acknowledge a few of the MANY incredible volunteers that make our dance programming not only a success, but a reality!

Meet Diane! Diane began ballroom dancing four years ago when she bought a Groupon for one of the Arthur Murray studios in Pittsburgh. In her own words, “After one lesson, I was hooked. Best $29 I ever spent!” Diane attended the Yes, You Can Dance! Fundraiser two years ago where she first saw the Special Needs Ballroom Performance Team dance, and she knew she wanted to get involved, and the rest is history! In addition to being a Special Needs Ballroom Performance Team Member (pictured at a performance) and Dance Mentor, Diane also serves as a mentor for the MS Ballroom Program. In response to her volunteering, Diane states, “It’s heartwarming for me when a parent or caregiver thanks me for being a Dance Mentor. I can see in their eyes how much it means to them because they know how much their son/daughter or student loves to dance. When an MS participant thanks me for being a mentor and tells me how the program has helped them with their Multiple Sclerosis, I’m simply overjoyed knowing I’m a part of that. I’ve met so many wonderful people through my association with these programs and have made many new friends. I’d say mostly I just simply love the students themselves. The special needs students are so dear to me and the MS participants are extraordinarily special people. I can’t imagine not being a part of this phenomenal organization!”

On a typical Sunday, Diane is volunteering during all Special Needs Ballroom classes offered; she is there with our instructor from 12-6pm! Thank you Diane for being a highly involved and active Yes, You Can Dance! volunteer, and for sharing your passion for dance with the rest of our community!