Student Spotlight: Ray

 rayMeet Ray, current Level 3 Special Needs Ballroom dancer, pictured front and center with Performance Team members at a past performance. Dancing and music run in Ray’s family, but Ray’s sister, Rachel, says that “Ray best exemplifies this spirit!” Ray has always been musical. He was actively involved in chorus during high school, often singing solos. Ray began learning to play violin and then guitar when he was a teenager. Currently, he participates in a choral group and takes classes at the Mt. Lebanon Center for Performing Arts. He has also taken classes with the Pittsburgh Opera.

Ray absolutely loves dancing! His mentors always report how much they enjoy dancing with Ray. He is positive, tries hard, and is ready to flash a bright smile!  Ray enjoys dancing with his classmates and loves seeing them at other social dance events. Dance is a gift, and Ray is lucky to have found a way to express himself in a joyful way!