Student Spotlight: Nina

As our Special Needs Ballroom Program continues to grow, we’d love to continue to spotlight our amazing students! Meet Nina who started dancing with Yes, You Can Dance! in the fall of 2015 and is currently in the South Hills Level 3 Special Needs Ballroom class. Her mother, Cecelia, is also a Volunteer Dance Mentor for the Special Needs Ballroom Program. In her own words, “I like Yes, You Can Dance! because I like having a mother-daughter activity for me and my mom to do together every week. I can take the lessons while my mom mentors in the lesson with the other students. If you’re looking for a fun mother-daughter activity to do every week, then you should try dance lessons at Yes, You Can Dance!. The teacher not only works closely with the students, but with the mentors as well. I really like Yes, You Can Dance!.”